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Didactic IC Tester 
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Digital IC Tester
Didactic Product Code : IC1
Can test more than 300+ ICs Tests wide range of Digital IC's such as 74 Series, 40/45 Series 24 pin DIP ZIF sockets. Auto Searc ...
Universal IC Tester
Didactic Product Code : IC2
Can test more than 450+ ICs Tests a wide range of Digital IC's such as 74 Series, 40/45 Series, 8085, 8086, Z80,8255, 8279, 8253, 8259, 8251, ...
Universal IC Tester
Didactic Product Code : IC3
Can test more than 1500+ ICs Tests a wide range of digital IC's such as 74 Series, 40/45 Series, 8085, 8086, Z80 ,8255, 8279, 8253, 8259, 825 ...
Linear IC Tester
Didactic Product Code : IC4
Can test more than 600+ ICs Tests a wide range of Analog IC's such as Op-amps, timers, transistor arrays, analog switches, Op to- couplers, A ...
Digital IC Tester
Didactic Product Code : IC5
Can test more than 450+ ICs Tests a wide range of Digital IC's such as 74 Series, 40/45 Series, 8085, 8086, Z80 ,8255, 8279, 8253, 8259, 8251 ...
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LDR Characteristics Push Pull Amplifier with power supply TDM Pulse Code Modulation Receiver Trainer Microcontroller Based Firing Circuit for Controlled Rectifier Trainer Audio Power Amplifier GPS Trainer - VLSI Development Board with Wireless Communication Training System PCM Capacitance and Permittivity Kit 8279 PKDC Study Card Adder and Subtractor Trainer OSCILLATOR AND 1 METERS Encoder and Decoder Trainer Malus Law Trainer Setup BPSK-DPSK Modulation-Demodulation KIT Synchro Transmitter- Receiver Transmission Line Trainer - Percentage Modulation Viscosity Measurement Apparatus Wireless Robotic Arm Training System Elevator Simulator Module Carey Foster's Bridge Setup Trainer 8085 Microprocessor Training Setup Advanced Analog Circuits Development Platform Virtex-4 Development Platform Training System Video Processing Platform Training System Elevator Control PLC Application Module Transmission Line Trainer Power Supply Trainer Digital Workstation RFID Trainer TDM-Pulse Code Modulation Kit Step Down Chopper Trainer Laser Fiber Optics Trainer Pin Modulator Measurement of Wavelength of Laser by Diffraction Grating System Study of L.C. transmission line Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation with power supply Universal Development Platform Training System Single Stage Triode Amplifier DSB/SSB AM Receiver Trainer RF Amplifier Strain Gauge Trainer Potentiometric Error Detector Trainer Transistor & SCR based Step Up Chopper Trainer (Economy) 2 Channel CDMA - Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Training System - Reynolds Number Demonstrator Magnetic Amplifier Trainer Elevator Control Module 101 ASC II Keyboard Module  
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