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Home  »  Didactic Embedded Trainers ยป ARM 7 Development Board LPC2294
ARM 7 Development Board LPC2294 

Didactic Product Name: ARM 7 Development Board LPC2294
Didactic Product Code: E8
Description: ARM 7 Development Board LPC2294 Development Board Nvis 5004 is a 32-bit development platform and serves as a means for code development. This trainer is designed for students to explore ARM architecture and on board supporting peripherals which provide an ideal platform for extensive embedded development. This trainer provides both the serial and USB connections which can be used to download and run a code on any standard IDE. This trainer allows users to evaluate, prototype and create application specific designs.
LPC2294 ( ARM7 TDMI 32 Bit ) MCU clocked at 12MHz
Expansion connectors for plug in modules and prototyping area
On board Flash download utility (programmer) for Philips microcontrollers
Both USB & RS232 interface given for programming
Every pin is marked in order to make the work easier
Master Reset/Restart Key for hardware reset
On board 16 x 2 Alphanumeric LCD Interface
On board UART 0 and UART 1 Interface
On board Switch Interface
On board ADC ( 10 Bit ) Interface
On board 4 x 4 Matrix Keypad Interface
On board I2C Interface
On board facility to connect JTAG debugger
Input/Output & test points provided on board
Self contained trainer with on board DC and AC power supply
CD with sample project code, Programmer software & useful documents
Exhaustive course & reference material
Learning material CD
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