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RF Amplifier, Linear IC Tester, Universal IC Tester, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Trainer, Digital Signal Processing DSP Lab, Universal B-H Curve Tracer, Gunn Power Supply, PCM Modulation-Demodulation KIT, Data Communication Trainer -, TDM Pulse Code Modulation Transmitter Trainer, Interconnection of Two Port Networks, Microstrip Antenna -, Basic Antenna Trainer, DSP Lab, Analog to Digital Converter, Movable Short / Precision Movable Short, LED Radiation Pattern Trainer, Wireless Sensor Network Training System, SCR Commutation Circuits Trainer, Advanced Fiber Optics Trainer, Feed Back Amplifier, Spectrum Analyzer Applications Demonstration Trainer, Infrared Module, IGBT, DSO Applications Demonstration Trainer, Microwave Power Meter, Universal Gates Trainer, Compensation Design Trainer, Lattice Dynamics Kit, Melde's Electrical Vibrator, Phase Shifter, Adaptive Delta, PAM-PPM-PWM Modulation & Demodulation Trainer -, Hybrid SolarKit, Speed Control of DC Motor by PLC, R.F. (L-C) oscillator, Level Simulator Module, Geiger Muller Counting System, Delta, Understanding Local Area Network (LAN) Trainer -, Resistivity & Band gap Measurement, Universal Embedded Trainer, Radar Trainer, Refrigeration Trainer, 8x8 LED Matrix Interfacing Module, Pin Modulator, Refrigeration Cycle and Heat Pump System, T and π Network Trainer, Carey Foster's Bridge Setup Trainer, BPSK-DPSK Modulation-Demodulation KIT,