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8279 PKDC Study Card
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SMPS trainer Kit (For Computer) DSP Trainer Board Dx 8085 / 8086 Trainers Interfacing Modules Temperature Measurement Using RTD (PT - 100) 16x2 LCD Display With Matrix Keyboard Sum of Product & Product of Sum Implementation DSP Trainers Lab REACTIVE ELEMENTS & TIME DEPENDENT NETWORK ANALYSIS WITH POWER SUPPLY AND 1 MULTI RANGE METERS FM Transmitter Receiver Trainer Kit Free Running Multivibrator (Astable) with power supply Semiconductor Energy Band-Gap Measurement Trainer Wien Bridge (R-C) Audio Osc. FPGA Development Platform Training System AC Chopper Trainer VLSI Development Platform Training System IC Tester IM For IC - 7400 Variable Attenuator 20dB Conveyor Control by PLC Local Area Network (LAN) Trainer - QAM-DQAM Modulation Trainer CPLD Development Platform Training System Fourier Synthesis Trainer PPM Analog Sampling-Reconstruction Kit Nano TiO2 Solar Cell Kit Lamp Flasher Using SCR Trainer PCM Generation & Demodulation using CODEC Chip - Coulomb's Law Demonstrator Feed Back Amplifier SCR Alarm Circuit Trainer OP-AMP Parameters with power supply and 1dual range meters Synchro Transmitter- Receiver Display and Switches Module Analog Module for PLC DSB/SSB AM Transmitter Trainer 8086 Microprocessor Trainer Study of L.C. transmission line Multimeter with Battery and 1 meter Double Stage Pentode Amplifier Lissajous Pattern Trainer Wein Bridge Oscillator Trainer E/M Measurement Setup SMPS trainer Kit (For Colour Television) OPTO Isolated Input Module Solar Cooker Demonstrator Trainer Adder and Subtractor Trainer FET Characteristics Trainer Robotic Arm Kit Radar Trainer Two Port Ladder Network Trainer  
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