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Laser Fiber Optics Trainer Elevator Control Module Digital Companding A-Law and -Law 8255 Programmable Peripheral Interface Study Card Single Phase Bridge Inverter Trainer Ultrasonic Measurement Lab Transistor & SCR based Step Down Chopper Trainer Multimedia Computer Trainer Sampling & Reconstruction Trainer - Computer interface Module Temperature Transducers Trainer Function Generator Trainer Linear IC Tester Lamp Flasher Using SCR Trainer Speed Control of Universal Motor Using SCR Trainer Digital Workstation CPLD Development Platform Training System Elevator Control PLC Application Module E/M Measurement Setup Diode Characteristics Trainer Study of L.C. transmission line Conventional D.C. Power Supply Resistivity & Band gap Measurement Colour Television Trainer CDMA Trainer - Transient Analysis of RLC Circuit Adaptive Delta and Delta Sigma Modulation/ Demodulation Trainer - TDM-Pulse Code Modulation Kit Mini Process Control Demonstrator Fourier Analysis Kit SCR Commutation Circuits Trainer Bio Energy Trainer Kit Semiconductor Energy Band-Gap Measurement Trainer Latch / Buffer Study Card DSP Trainer Board Dx Coulomb's Law Demonstrator Wien Bridge (R-C) Audio Osc. Boyle's Law Demonstrator Wind Energy Training System Kit Wein Bridge Oscillator Trainer Adder and Subtractor Trainer High Voltage Power Electronics Lab Trainer Kit Ferrite Isolator MSK Modulation / Demodulation Trainer - Power and Differential Amplifier Trainer Digital I/O Interfacing Module Graphical Display Module T and π Network Trainer Temperature Controller Trainer Kit Dielectric Constant Measurement Setup  
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